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Mailart: art sent through the mail. It may include rubber stamped images, collage, copy machine art, poetry, sketching, computer art, postage stamps, stickers, and just about anything you can think of as long as it's mailed through the mail! Mailart can even be a box of rocks or a rubber glove mailed unwrapped through the mail, to test the sanity of our disgruntled public servants! If you are too concerned that your postman might think you are weird, then perhaps mailart is not your style. But if you don't mind any of the above, you too can have lots of fun sending and receiving mailart to other artisans around the world. Mailartists treat their art as a free exchange of creativity from one person to another. Artwork is mailed from one location to another and the addition of post marks, stamps, damage, and routing marks is considered part of the character of the art itself. It's a movement full of individual creativity and energy. All kooks, prophets, and geniuses are welcome. Come on and "Articipate!"


Poste Haste

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